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    2018-10-19 12:10:56

    New Data: Bay Area’s Roads Worst in the Country

    With absentee ballots arriving in mailboxes and election day just a few weeks off, new data released this week on California’s deteriorating roads should motivate voters to turn out and cast their ballots against Proposition 6.

    family friendly

    2018-10-19 12:10:53

    Leaders Share Ideas on Family-Friendly Workplaces

    How do companies create family-friendly workplace policies to advance gender equity? The Bay Area Council on Wednesday (Oct. 17) hosted the Future of Work Roundtable to answer that very question.


    2018-10-19 12:10:12

    Employers Weigh In on Creating an Inclusive Workforce

    Business giants Airbnb, Genentech, Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, and Salesforce joined the Bay Area Council on Monday (Oct. 15) at Airbnb to discuss their workforce growth and projected needs in 2019.


    2018-10-19 12:10:14

    As Ferry Ridership Grows, a New Vessel Commissioned

    There’s more good news in the push to accelerate the expansion of regional ferry service. The Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA) this month approved $13 million in funding to construct a new 300-passenger ferry.